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Safari 3.0 For Windows - First Review ever... and bug fixes
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You are currently in Apple
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Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:54 pm Reply and quote this post
Safari is now available  for people to download at what strikes  me when i first opened it was its true resemblance to the mac os x interface maybe this is a sign that windows is coming down,  next year os x for windows based pc's? who knows, what i can say is
that i have now uninstalled  firefox and opera
i've always loved safari on my mac and now i can have thesame experience (pitty about the rest of the os) on my xp box.

When you first install safari the process is very smooth, just like installing itunes on your pc.  The icon is just the same, no changes here.  

The UI is very pretty, maybe a sign of the new look of leopard? You may notice something different straight away a little bug next to the url bar this is for reporting bug issues, we don't expect this to appear in the final version.

The main feature of this release is the tabs and the amazing way you can drag out a tab into a new window, see below for a screen shot, this i think will be a great feature to safari on both windows and mac.

UPDATE: Plugins: Look at these plugins, could this become a sort of firefox plugin system? At the moment it's just got in their Microsoft DRM But look Bittorent, maybe you can download bit torrents inside safari

UPDATE: Search

This has to be the best search I've seen in a browser, since ever just look at the way it shows up the first word you count and it looks so much like the search bar is on a mac os x system.

We will be continuing to review this new application for windows as well as bring you the latest news about the new browser for windows from other sites.

Stay tuned and enjoy the screen shots.

Last edited by William Tildesley on Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:54 pm; edited 2 times in total

Contributed by William Tildesley, iVirtua Ultimate Contributor
23597 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:39 pm Reply and quote this post
So a real 4th competitor has been brought on to the scene with WWDC - still, after playing around with it, not much firefox innovation style goodness, the zoom of opera, full screen and addons, but hey this is beta... and it's Safari on Windows!

From the iVirtua Live site... 500,000 downloads of Firefox a day. Over 1,000,000 downloads of iTunes a day. Over 500M downloads of iTunes to Windows machines.

Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:21 am Reply and quote this post
Safari 3 Public Beta

   1. Blazing Performance 2x Faster
      Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform.
   2. Elegant User Interface
      Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the web — not your browser.
   3. Easy Bookmarks
      Organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes.
   4. Pop-up Blocking
      Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.
   5. Inline Find
      Search any text on any website with the integrated Find banner.
   6. Tabbed BrowsingTabs
      Open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.
   7. SnapBack
      Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of a website.
   8. Forms AutoFill
      Let Safari complete online forms for you, automatically and securely.
   9. RSSBuilt-in RSS
      RSS tells you when new content is added to your favorite sites.
  10. Resizable Text Fields
      Resize text fields on any website: Just grab the corner and drag.
  11. Private Browsing
      Keep your online activities private with a single click.
  12. Security
      Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.

Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:10 pm Reply and quote this post
We did run some informal tests for memory usage, and here, Safari came in last. In our informal tests, we started each browser with a blank page and then loaded two specific sites. Safari used an average of 45MB of memory at the end of the tests, significantly more than other browsers. Opera 9 used only 27MB, while Firefox 2 used 31MB and Internet Explorer 7 used 34MB. On a PC using less memory, it might be an issue.

HTML performance on XP: IE, Firefox and Safari tested. Running through the benchmark suite, IE gets done in 4.6 seconds, Firefox in 3.7, Safari in 2.2. Javascript: 2.4 for IE, Firefox 1.6, Safari 0.9. "Fastest browser on Windows."

It's a true, not google style beta... It crashes alot, and on my home box, no text in the entire interface and on pages show up! Also no drop down for the back button, or undo close tab feature and those small but very importent things of Firefox 2 or Opera 9 that have been developed over the versions.

Many others are reporting similar or the same problem too me, changing the windows theme (classic/royale/default) etc, has no effect.

I'm trying it out but I have no menus, or any other "text" type fields (address box is empty, etc...)

I'm with wyldwolf...I don't have any text in the interface, or in any pages I visit.

Running XP Pro @ text.

I can say, I'm still using Opera

Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Sat Jun 16, 2007 6:48 am Reply and quote this post
We're still seeing a lot of problems - some on vista reporting it fails to install and needs to be used to compatability mode...

- for the common bug where no text in menus or throught Safari appear and rendering fails on pages in Safari... which is caused when you have many fonts installed...

People have been doing research on the Apple forums and it seems that when safari is installed it creates an XML file listing all your font files. If you have a lot of fonts installed it doesn't list them all so it doesn't know where to find fonts such as verdana, trebuchet etc hence the missing menus and missing text. and search for an entry by critter42 as this person has a work around that basically involves opening up the font mapping file and adding in the most common ones.

It also helps to copy Lucida Grande to C:\Windows\Fonts as well.

You'll find the Lucida fonts in C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.resources

You'll find the Fonts.plist file in

C:\Documents and Settings\[YOUR USERNAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\Apple Computer\Safari

Insert something like this to the file

<key>Verdana Bold</key>
<key>Verdana Italic</key>
<key>Verdana Bold Italic</key>
<key>Tahoma Bold</key>
<key>Trebuchet MS</key>
<key>Trebuchet MS Bold</key>
<key>Trebuchet MS Bold Italic</key>
<key>Trebuchet MS Italic</key>
<key>Lucida Grande</key>
<string>C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\Lucida Grande.ttf</string>
<key>Lucida Grande Bold</key>
<string>C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\Lucida Grande Bold.ttf</string>

Just an observation - The file is at /Apple Comuter... strange though at Macworld they announced Apple Computer Inc is now Apple Inc... this must have been in develoment for a while!

Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Sat Jun 16, 2007 5:36 pm Reply and quote this post
A few features, I found after fixing safari... Edit > Reset Safari is like the Clear Private Data feature and Reset Opera features in the respective browsers. As mentioned, Ctrl+F is really great, and as with Firefox... we have an as yet little discussed inline spell checker (Edit > Spelling > Check spelling while typing). View > Customise toolbar also works in the same way as the OSX Dock with removing and adding toolbar items... pretty cool!
Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Sun Jun 17, 2007 6:31 pm Reply and quote this post
Apple today announced (via a news release) that more than 1 million copies of Safari for Windows were downloaded in the first 48 hours since the free public beta was made available on Monday.

Safari for Windows Public Beta Downloads Top 1 Million in First 48 Hours

CUPERTINO, California—June 14, 2007—Apple® today announced that more than 1 million copies of Safari™ for Windows were downloaded in the first 48 hours since the free public beta was made available on Monday. Safari 3 is the world’s fastest and easiest-to-use browser, and is available as a free download at

Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
372659 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

Fri Jun 22, 2007 1:38 am Reply and quote this post
wow, so i decided to try this out today, as well if there's a new browser coming into the market (for Windows) its good to know about it as a developer.

so first impressions, looked nice, funky and modern. seemed quick to install and startup and the interface was easy to find what i wanted. safari possesses some of the basic functions that modern web browsers have, the tabs, inline searching and what not.

i played for about half an hour then noticed some stuff. the progresion "bar" is shown as a blue bar behind the address bar. that was quite funky when i first saw it, looked nicer then opera's simple bar in teh addres bar which says % loaded then the images. however it seemed to take safari ages to load a single page (relative to opera and firefox). i loaded iVirtua's homepage and the progress bar said it still hadn't finished even though all images and text was displayed, whcih i found strange and uncomfortable cause i don't like using a page until it's loaded 100% . i was testing whilst on MSN and i noticed that switching between MSN and Safari took a life time, this is mainly due to the poor speed of my pc, but it wasfine going in between Opera and MSN. Also another moaning point, Safari assumed itself to 100% of the screen and seemed to keep itself on top of the taskbar (so i couldn't see new messages).

all in all, half an hour isn't log enough to review something but it seems a tad slow and lacks a lot of cool features that you find in opera and firefox. style is quite funky though, but i'm safely sticking iwth opera  

Contributed by Noobarmy, Editorial, Marketing & Services Team
9726 iVirtua Loyalty Points • View ProfileSend Private MessageBack to Top

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