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Does it really take money to make money? in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
A 22 year old Entrepreneur wrote:

We’ve all heard the expression…It Takes Money to Make Money. You typically need to invest money in something to reach the point of completion and success. Whether it’s putting money into the costs to develop a product, investing in the stock market, or paying for advertising of a new product or service.
Put simply, the universe works on constant flow. Money goes out, money comes in. It’s so important to keep this flow moving or else the energy will remain stagnant.
For most of my life, I’ve been a huge penny pincher. I’ve always saved money, didn’t feel much need to spend it on others, and put such a concrete value on it. “Why would I spend $50 on a dinner that is gone within an hour, when I could buy something more tangible like a game.” Yet it was a vicious cycle. The less I spent, the less money came into my life. Sure, there was money – but it was always the expected amount of money from the expected sources.
Then, starting a few months ago, I broke the cycle. I started to spend money. On myself. On others. And for whatever. It didn’t matter what I spent money on, what mattered was that it was leaving me.
Yep, money started coming in. I landed a big development contract out of the relative blue. My new game started gaining sources of revenue. People started paying for me. New things opened up for me. Am I rich yet because of it? No, but I’m definitely happier. Money isn’t as big of a deal to me, because I know I will always have what I need. It feels good to let go of money. Sure I still have reservations and I’m not as generous as I’d really like to be, but these things take time and I’m still working with it.
The important thing to realize is that you always get what you give. Keep the flow of energy going in whatever you do and the cycle will replenish itself. If you have strong attachment to it, now is the time to start moving that energy.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Thu Sep 06, 2007 11:07 am
Outsourcing Primer in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Not considering the financial aspect, companies do not outsource to build institutional knowledge and retain control over resources, time and production schedules, intellectual property, and quality issues. Such control issues are central to arguments for and against outsourcing. On the other hand, companies favor outsourcing because they do not have the internal expertise to tackle problems inhouse.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:49 pm
To those taking trigo in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
You're right, Andy, because by nature we human beings are not so resilient to change.
Posted by turbino Wed Sep 05, 2007 7:03 pm
Does a CEO have to be an accountant? in The Great Debates!
Rob Weir of "An Antic Disposition" wrote:


Under Sarbanes-Oxley, a CEO or CFO puts himself at personal risk if he signs off on financial numbers derived from processes and tools that he knows to give erroneous results.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:16 am
To those taking trigo in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Yours is just like remembering the complete name of a person (first name initial , middle name initial, and last name initial) whereas mine is just like remembering the first name of that person. Now, which way is easier to remember that person?
Posted by turbino Wed Sep 05, 2007 12:24 am
To those taking trigo in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Here is an easy way to remember primary trigonometric functions' relationships:

SINOPHY stands for "Sine of an angle is Opposite over Hypotenuse."

COSADHY stands for "Cosine of an angle is Adjacent over Hypotenuse."

TANOPAD stands for "Tangent of an angle is Opposite over Adjacent."

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Mon Sep 03, 2007 4:40 pm
Samsung's First USB Monitor Reviewed! in Hardware, Internet, Networking, Comms and Security
Noobarmy wrote:

if ti runs off usb is there then like no limit to how many you can plug into your computer, say if you just baught those 4-usb extendy thingies. that'ld be quite funky

An excerpt from a TechRepublic's article might answer concern above:


First, the five-hub limit still applies whether the hubs are powered or not. The other limit is that you must still avoid overburdening any one hub with USB devices with excessive power consumption. Finally, external power sources do nothing to provide extra bandwidth. If you were to interconnect five hubs with four devices each, you could connect 20 USB devices to a single USB port, as long as none of the devices had excessive power consumption. At the same time, though, these 20 devices would have to share the 12 Mbps of available bandwidth

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Mon Sep 03, 2007 4:13 pm
For design afficionados in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Here's seven-step methodology to hone your design skills:

System Overview; Analyse Curent System; Define Data Elements; Establish Relationships; Validation & Output; Building Views; Testing & Review.

And, in that order.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:37 pm
Who wants to ace a test? in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Here's how I would take a test:

Step 1. Read each question carefully from the first word to
           the last word. Do not skim over the words or read    
           them too quickly.
Step 2. Look for hints in the wording of the question stem.
           The adjectives MOST, FIRST, BEST, and INITIAL         
           indicate that you must establish priorities.
Step 3. Reword the question stem in your own words so that     
           it can be answered with a "yes" or a " no" or with  
           specific bit of information. Begin your questions with
          "what","when", or "why".

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:04 pm
Mukesh Ambani India's 1st trillionaire in Business and Industry in Gaming, Media, Web, IT and Computing
I wonder what's Mr. Ambani's ranking in terms of wealth worldwide.
Posted by turbino Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:42 pm
File Download Times in General Discussion, including Off Topic, Current Affairs
Have you ever wondered why it takes longer to download a given file on one system and less time on another?

Here's why according to Pete Lundgren, my former classmate at the University of Phoenix - Online.

System performance factors are driven by the limitations of your computer system and your connection to the Internet via your Internet Service Provider (ISP), also known as bandwidth/throughput system capabilities. As indicated in the definition below, bandwidth and throughput are synonymous terms when referring to the data transfer rates: the amount of data that can be transferred through a medium over time.

Bandwidth: The amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time. For digital devices, the bandwidth is usually expressed in bits per second (bps) or bytes per second. For analog devices, the bandwidth is expressed in cycles per second, or Hertz (Hz). The bandwidth is particularly important for I/O devices. For example, a fast disk drive can be hampered by a bus with a low bandwidth. This is the main reason that new buses, such as AGP, have been developed for the PC (

Throughput: The amount of data transferred from one place to another or processed in a specified amount of time. Data transfer rates for disk drives and networks are measured in terms of throughput. Typically, throughputs are measured in kbps, Mbps and Gbps (

Many factors influence your actual throughput speeds. The old clich� that a 'chain is only as strong as its weakest link' is also true here. When ISPs make performance promises, they should only be providing the maximum speeds possible for the capabilities you request/order. Actual speeds will also vary depending on the performance of your computer. A few other factors that will decrease actual throughput include:

    *Multi-tasking on your computer (running multiple applications that eat CPU cycles)
    *Heavy traffic over the medium (Internet and hardware infrastructure) leading to saturation within the system
    *Type of medium (cable, fiber optic, twisted pair copper, etc.).
    *The distance between you and the source. Distance is a factor because your data travels in packets (with ID headers) to the source and then back through various routers within the system. Routers route the data packets to and fro.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Wed Aug 29, 2007 9:15 am
Watercooling 101 in Hardware, Internet, Networking, Comms and Security
Sam says:

When done poorly, it can be a tangled mess of dangerous tubing that cools worse than air, but can fry your new £350 graphics card in a moment.

I say:

Precisely, because electronics and water do not mix.That's why most people are scared off by the idea of water cooling because they’re scared to put water in their computer.

But, according to TweakFactor:

As long as you do your research and know what you’re doing, you won’t have a problem.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Tue Aug 28, 2007 10:34 pm
Boy Nearly Killed Trying To Cool Xbox 360 in Gaming
Andy says:

I can only assume, therefore, that the hospital is named for its effective blood transfusion methods..

I say:

That's a very good assumption. If they are really known for that let's give them credit because creation of an effective blood transfusion service is not an easy thing to do.

Consider these key factors outlined by Equator Initiative:

   * Acceptance of transfusion medicine as a distinct sector in the health care system.
    * Establishment of a national blood policy.
    * Well trained and dedicated professionals.
    * Broadly based national advisory bodies.

Transfusion medicine is not only the collecting and testing of blood. It also requires:

    * Recruitment and retention of blood donors.
    * Blood collection.
    * Laboratory testing.
    * Blood processing and storage.
    * Training of physicians in appropriate use of blood.

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Tue Aug 28, 2007 6:38 pm
The cost of leaving your PC on in Hardware, Internet, Networking, Comms and Security
Determination of the cost of leaving your PC on was fully explained in previous posts (thanks for that!), but here's an article to read if you are interested to know how much you can save if you don't leave your PC on overnight:

From Microsoft's Monte Enbysk:

For many years now, I've been shutting off my computer at night. But I'm now convinced you can leave your computer on at night and still conserve as much energy.

If you're a Windows user (Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me), just set up your PC to "hibernate" overnight. "Hibernate" powers down your monitor to about 5 watts of energy and your PC to 2.3 watts -- virtually the same as turning your PC off (your monitor uses zero watts when turned off; more on this below). Either way, you save as much as $90 a year in power costs compared to a PC left on with a 3D screen saver running.

"Well, duh. Welcome back from the Disco Era," many of you are thinking. You already knew all this.

Maybe so, but the question keeps coming up, year after year: Should you shut your computer down at night or leave it running? Some time ago, I touched on the issue in a previous column -- I essentially passed on the recommendation of the good folks at Energy Star, a product-labeling program sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, that "if you are going home for the day, turn it off."

"Andy in Austin" triggered my interest in revisiting the subject by raising the question in tech guru Kim Komando's weekly e-mail newsletter. "Should I shut my computer down at night? Or is it better to leave it running?" he asked. Komando's response, in a nutshell: "The truth is, it really doesn't matter."

Your thoughts?
Posted by turbino Mon Aug 27, 2007 2:07 pm
Boy Nearly Killed Trying To Cool Xbox 360 in Gaming
Maybe the boy was desperate to cool his Xbox 360. You could do stupid things when you are desperate.
Posted by turbino Sun Aug 26, 2007 8:20 am
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