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What is iVirtua Exclusive Community?
  • An exclusive gaming industry community targeted to, and designed for Professionals, Businesses and Students in the sectors and industries of Gaming, New Media and the Web, all closely related with it's Business and Industry.
  • A Rich content driven service including articles, contributed discussion, news, reviews, networking, downloads, and debate.
  • We strive to cater for cultural influencers, technology decision makers, early adopters and business leaders in the gaming industry.
  • A medium to share your or contribute your ideas, experiences, questions and point of view or network with other colleagues here at iVirtua Community.
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iVirtua Version 4.8
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  • iVirtua is powered by an integrated collection of Web applications and scripts that are then developed and integrated in-house that together create the "iVirtua WOS". It creates a Rich and Immersive Community Experience.

    iVirtua Community (UK) use Memset Dedicated Servers, which use two UK datacentre facilities, one in Fareham, South Hampshire, and the other in Reading, Berkshire. Both have state-of-the-art facilities, top-quality connectivity and are manned 24/7 with skilled personnel. Having two sites allows us to provide literally bomb-proof disaster resilient systems, and allows us to keep our costs lower than our London-based peers.
    Network connectivity


    Both data centres have at least three dedicated gigabit fibre uplinks which take diverse routes via road and railways to a central London-based multi-point gigabit ring. From there the connections are peered with all the major UK backbones.

    For Logistical and geographical reasons, iVirtua also hosts some database, mail and other service servers in Utah, USA.

    All of the datacentres iVIrtua use feature the very latest world class resilient infrastructure, including multiple levels of 24/7 security, stable high-capacity power supplies, fire protection, in-house support and environmental controls to name but a few.

    Internal to the datacentres, we ensure that there is no single point of failure up until the connection reaches your server. To do this we double-up on equipment such as routers, switches and firewalls in a mirrored configuration with a heart-beat monitor between the two sets.

    We use high-quality Dell and Sun hardware in order to minimise the risk of failure. Most of our dedicated servers also use RAID(1), providing additional resilience against disk failures. We also keep hot-standby equipment on-site so that even in the most catastrophic server failure event we can simply swap the disks into a new, identical chassis.

    The Software is based around the framework of serveral open and closed source scripts along side various AJAX and DOM frameworks, and is based on PHP which results in one of the fastest, feature-rich systems available. We have built around and improved upon this excellent software to create the iVirtua Web OS, enhancing the framework and creating the Rich and Immersive Community Experience with the features below.

    Since iVirtua 4.1, iVirtua has been fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS W3C Valid. iVirtua has also taken usability and accessibility in to consideration.

    iVirtua 4.8 features some "iVirtua 5" technology. This includes AJAX frameworks such as jQuery, an iVirtua web application framework that emphasizes the interaction between JavaScript and HTML. It was released January 2006 at BarCamp NYC by John Resig. It is now Dual licensed under the MIT License and the GNU General Public License. We also utilise The Prototype AJAX Framework Though available as a standalone library, Ruby on Rails integrates the framework (suitable for iVirtua 5 running) as well as other projects such as, which is a JavaScript library built on the Prototype JavaScript Framework, providing dynamic visual effects and user interface elements via the Document Object Model, also utilised by iVirtua Community Web OS 4.8.

    Intuitive and Seamless Interface
    All you need to do to start your experience is click Register Free! Above, your features will instantly be activated; you can start your learning or with a tutorial, chat in teamspeak, look through the News, Articles, and Reviews, or comment on someone’s art in the forums... just explore the features with the menu above. Posting messages across the board couldn’t be easier; but if you are stuck with how to use a feature, our staff can be contacted with most IM’s and out Personal Message system, and couldn’t be happier to help you. Be sure to check the Help and Contact page first, on the menu above. We also utilise a real time AJAX environment in many parts of the site to ensure seamless usability.

    Content Management: News, Reviews and Articles
    The latest Articles are written by our in house editorial team, and in the News forums, the latest news is automatically syndicated from the leading Gaming, Arts and Media Sites, with links to specific articles, so you can comment and discuss the latest news items, in the industry. All the latest content is handled by our powerful CMS,.

    Syndicated, User and Managed Downloads
    The latest content is automatically syndicated from leading Gaming, Arts and Media Sites, including the latest Game Demos, Patches, Modifications, Maps, and the latest Beta Software, so you can comment and discuss the latest download items, the moment they are released.
    We also allow for users to post attachments such as their own movies, photos, flash creations, and software that they have created for others to discuss. This complements managed downloads with a state of the art download management system and download servers.

    RSS Feeds
    The latest content is exported by RSS; Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content. RSS allows website's frequent readers to track updates on the site using an aggregator and all of the latest browsers have built in RSS support. Every User’s Blog is syndicated in RSS too! Click the RSS Icon in your address bar, or the RSS logo at the bottom of this page.

    Image and File Storage
    Upload your photos, creations, videos and software, created by you for our users to comment on; and with Premium Membership, you can additional File Storage features.

    Community, with powerful communications and search frameworks
    Engage in our active community, and take part free, Participate in Competitions, post any photos or images you want in the forums, subscribe optionally to our Newsletter, login (with your username and password) to real time Live chat with members that are currently online, and take full advantage of our state of the art infrastructure by using the renown TeamSpeak through our TeamSpeak Client, also on the banner menu above.
    Use our User Search to make new contacts in the industry, and easily find them.

    Games Arcade
    Relax In the regularly updated Flash and Java game arcade; your high scores are added to iVirtua Loyalty Points.

    Learning and Tutorials
    We offer Basic to Advanced courses and tutorials in IT, Computing, Web, Media, Gaming, Wed Design, HTML Tutorials, Web Accessibility, and also those topics in regards to Business and Industry.
    You as our Client have professional tutors and staff to guide you through our intuitive, and rich learning courses; making friends along the way; iVirtua Learning.

    iVirtua Loyalty Points System
    Amount of cash earned per new topic 25
    Amount of bonus cash earned per reply for topic author 5
    Amount of cash earned per reply 20
    Amount of cash earned per character 0.05
    Maximum amount of cash earned for posting 100
    These can be redeemed in iVirtua 3.2 for Activities such as games, and other features.

    There is a 24/7 on-site security presence with 24/7 internal CC-TV monitoring. In addition there are comprehensive security procedures including proximity access control and a hi-tech weigh-in weigh-out entry system. Only authorised personnel even have access to the servers.
    Work in a secure and safe web environment with our…
    Server side software and hardware firewalls
    Worm Protection Engine
    IP & Agent Blocker Engine
    Definition Record
    Proxy & Agent Blocker
    Spammer Protection
    SpamBot protection
    Intelligent IP Tracking Systems
    Blacklist Networks

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