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You are currently in The Great Debates!
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Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:44 pm Reply and quote this post
October 25 at 4pm EDT (1pm PDT) on Xfire

The Xfire Debate Club presents a discussion amongst leading industry women about issues that are of particular concern to women gamers.

Thirty eight percent of all gamers in the United States and forty five percent of all gamers in the United Kingdomare women. In the United states, "women over the age of 18 represent a significantly greater portion of the game-playing population (30%) than boys age 17 or younger (23%)."

The top minds from journalism, academia, pro-gaming, marketing, and development will talk about the issues facing women gamers as consumers, as players, and in the industry.

The discussion will include:
Online gaming
Marketing and advertising
Gaming communities
Industry issues

A write up will be posted here at iVirtua.

Moderator: Helen Kennedy                    
Helen W. Kennedy is Senior Lecturer and MA Award Leader in the School of Cultural Studies at the University of the West of England.She has published on the subject of feminist readings of Lara Croft,female Quake players and game studies more generally. She has recentlycompleted (with Jon Dovey) a book entitled Game Cultures which waspublished in May 2006. She is Chair of the Play Research Group withinthe School which has organised a number of international conferencesand symposia on the subject of computer games generally as well asserving on the steering committee for Women In Games which hasorganised four international conferences in the UK since 2004. Helen isalso elected member of the executive committee of the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA).                    
More info:

Leigh Alexander                    
Leigh Alexander is a writer covering a broad range of gaming industryspheres. She's a staff writer for online trade publication Gamasutra,and is the editor of Worlds in Motion, CMP Media's news site covering virtual worlds and online gaming. She covers consumer news at Destructoid, and at her blog, Sexy Videogameland,where she often examines the philosophy, psychology and pop culture ofgames and gamers. Her weekly column on GameSetWatch, The AberrantGamer, examines the trickest and strangest cultural, emotional andsexual issues in games, as do her occasional features in The Escapist.
More info:

Colette Bennett                    
Colette started her own blog writing about games called Blow in theGame Slot in Summer 2006 and shortly thereafter did freelance work for Kotaku. She joined the Destructoidstaff as an editor in December 2006. She regularly gripes about thestate of gaming on two podcasts, one called RetroforceGo! and a secondwith Weekly Geek.She also is the Tech/Gaming editor for up and comingblog Snagwire. Her hobbies include an obsession with horror films,vinyl toy collecting and explaining who that guy in the robot helmetis.
More info:     

Chat and Play with PMSOctober 26th
Amber "AthenaTwin" Dalton                    
As one of the most known female faces of professional gaming, Amber Dalton (a/k/a Athena Twin)has helped create a decidedly female mark in the traditionalmale-dominated gaming arena. In 2002, Dalton and her sister, Amy Brady(a/k/a Athena PMS), begun breaking the stereotypes of gamers everywhereby helping to create one of the most recognized women gaming groupsknown today, Pandora's Mighty Soldiers (PMS Clan). Amber was alsofeatured as Electronic Gaming Monthly's #1 Most Dangerous Gamer in theWorld, as well as Next Generation's Game Industry's 100 MostInfluential Women in Gaming. She not only manages PMS Clan today, butshe also shows her commitment to gaming by competing with teams andplayers in recognized PRO events such as WCG, WSVG, and CPL tournamentsglobally.
More info:

Robyn Fleming                    
Robyn Fleming is a co-founder and senior editor of Cerise,an online gaming magazine for women. Robyn grew up with a computer anda Dungeons & Dragons-playing cousin in the house, which probablyhad something to do with her lifelong interest in games and gamerculture. Getting hooked on MUDs while in her impressionable teenageyears might have had an effect, too. When she's not gaming, writingabout it, or editing someone else's writing on the subject, Robynsplits her time between a variety of other interests, including martialarts and fiction writing.
More info:

Jasmin Kassner                    
Jasmin Kassner got her first gaming job and at the SEK GmbH, workingfirst on the Level Editor, then on the UI and finally the AI started.Shortly, she was made AI Lead Coder, and being pretty good at it andtogether with all her managerial experience was able to lead the wholeAI team. After ParaWorld was released, the firm was closed. Togetherwith 2 of the old owners (Caos & Crux) and their Engine Lead Coder(CHP) she decided to found their new current studio she decided against developing another full price PCtitle, but ventured into the world of browser based MMO's. Their firstBMMO is called Parsec and is a classic game with new innovate UI andgameplay.
More info:

Lesley Smith                    
Lesley Smith is a twenty seven year old freelance journalist based inthe UK specialising in gaming, anime and manga, technology and sciencefiction. Despite a degree in theology and religious studies, she optedfor the life of a freelance journalist and loves every second of it.Since 2005, she has written for dozens of magazines and websites inboth the UK and US as well as appearing on TV and vidcasts. When notwriting, Lesley can normally be found blogging or playing World ofWarcraft, however she has a passion for all types of games - barringsports. Other than her writing, she is possibly better known for herextreme dislike of pink consoles....
More info:


Contributed by Editorial Team, Executive Management Team
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